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Lance, Sue and Plato at the Shaner Conference 2023

We don’t always give this award out. The business we are in sometimes really stretches us. We are an industry that works with people so often we have to do things that challenge us both personally and professionally. This individual, in this hotel, embodies that passion about taking care of people.

You all saw it. What was about to happen was all over the news worldwide. Call after call kept coming into this hotel making sure they were ready for what was about to hit. What was being called a catastrophic event that would most likely take lives. The team made sure, and the General Manager said I’ve got it under control and stayed strong throughout the entire event. One point at the height of the storm the General Managerwas standing in the lobby as water poured in holding on to the front doors with guests and associates trying to keep everyone safe. The General Manager was brave & strong and made sure every associate and every guest that was in the hotel had confidence they were going to be okay. The team worked 48-hour shifts – with a smile on their face. People were driving in trying to get to a shelter; the hotel welcomed them in. When the Cracker Barrel roof caved in next door; the hotel provided shelter. They did it all without power for 5 entire days.

Now, the General Manager and associates were doing this while their own homes were possibly destroyed or in question. When the General Manager found out her home was okay, she invited guests and associates to come in for a shower and warm meal. Sometimes these catastrophic events happen, and we think about them as a distant memory, but they still drive around their community and see the destruction. Almost a year later, they were still housing people and taking care of them. To our hero on so many fronts and for so many reasons. The 2022 Triumph Over Adversity Award Winner is Sue Carron & the Port Charlotte Sleep Inn & Suites team.

Thank you for being so selfless and taking such great care of guests and associates!

port charlotte sleep inn and suites team

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