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Our Objective

Our objective is to assist well run entrepreneurial companies to grow and expand their businesses or to provide a liquidity event for ownership if that is their objective. We will always act with the utmost integrity and commitment in any of the investments that we decide to make.

"Our companies have had a long and successful track record of providing investment capital to various businesses over a period of 30 years. We will very carefully assess your financial structure to see where we can be of assistance in helping your company grow through equity, debt or subordinated debt investments. " - Lance T. Shaner, Chairman and CEO Shaner Hotel Holdings, LP

Shaner Capital L.P.

Shaner Capital L.P. is a new $100 million investment fund founded by Lance T. Shaner in 2010. Mr. Shaner has a long history of managing significant investment funds in various industries. Shaner Capital will provide preferred equity, senior or subordinated debt investment; credit enhancement; and provide balance sheet restructuring to select businesses.

Eddie Lauth serves as CEO of Shaner Capital L.P.  He has an established strong track record of successful investment management.

The investment fund is ideal for mature companies with a history of profitability, good management and high standards who wish to expand, recapitalize or sell down family ownership positions to take out equity.

The fund now has investments in water treatment, heavy construction, finance, project development, hotels, and condominiums.

Companies seeking investment should provide three years’ balance sheets and income statements, description of the business, and a detailed source and use of funds for the new proposed investment.

Our Portfolio

In November 2010, Shaner Capital acquired a fifty-three unit condominium project located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburb of Fox Chapel. A wholly-owned subsidiary was formed to hold, improve, develop, and sell the condominium units. The first unit was sold in April, 2013 with many more under contract.
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